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Here is the highly recommended resource that has a lot of information and news about upcomming DX events. The resource URL is The site also hosts nice calendar of DX IOTA events which can be embedded in your own web resource.

How I found this great hobby called radio back in the 1970's when I still followed hockey. I wanted to get a score of a Leaf game. I knew I needed 1430 C K F H but on the way to 1430 I heard many other stations. So a few nights later I started my first list of stations 25 to 30 that first try. This has grown to 1050 stations as of 1-12-04 I wish I had kept a date by date running log ,no such luck.. As I logged a new one it just went on a log sheet for that frequency. There are also many mobile loggings in the 1190 ,as of 1-2 -05.

1430 CHFH Toronto Ontario
800 PJB Bon Air Netherlands Antilles
1000 WCFL Chicago Illinois
760 XEABC Mexico City Mexico
750 YVES Radio Caracas Venezuela
710 R. Rebeldse Havana Cuba
1620 WDHP Fredricksted U S Virgin Is
1341 B B C Belfast Northern Ireland
790 LRE R. Marte Buenos Aries Argentina


Then my next steps in the hobby came in 1975 when I went on the C.B .radio as Marshall Dillon talking local and DX'ing as unit 101 working many stations in the U. S .A. Then in 1996 finding that my TS450 had free band open ,I was able to work 92 countries and confirm 71 on 11M, including Morocco, Gibraltar Greenland Ukraine Zimbabwe and many more.

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