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Here is the highly recommended resource that has a lot of information and news about upcomming DX events. The resource URL is The site also hosts nice calendar of DX IOTA events which can be embedded in your own web resource.

Radio wasn’t made first as an advanced broadcasting station but it was made like a little amateur station. There were people who were operating transmitters and sending signals "on air" but those operators wouldn’t have any meaning if there wouldn’t be a wide audience of listeners.

What is this? This is a directive antenna developed by Les Moxon G6XN. This kind of antenna is less than a common monobander and it is also less heavy. It can be installed on a simple push-up mast and rotated by hand or with an inexpensive light duty rotor. And the most important thing...it is easy to build !!!

Lots of more information can be found at:


How to build it? It is very simple...first of all you have to design your own Moxon for the band you need. To design the project you can download the programme MoxGen and fill the blank places with the frequency and the kind of wire you will use.

What about some ham radio population statistics? I have put together the lists I have been able to find

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