Recommendations on QSLing for SWL

This is not a DXCC prefix, Transnistria is only recognized as a country by Russia. It is the eastern part of Moldova, which broke away from the rest of that country due to having a Russian population, different language and culture than Moldova proper.
Transnistria, due to Russian support, also has got a strong broadcasting station, also with English programs.

sm6011swlIf you don't have bureau service available or you really want that QSL card from the DX location far far away, or you are interested in fast QSL delivery, and are not looking forward to waiting for a year or two for one QSL card then this article is for you. QSL bureau services take too long because of multiple sorting locations that bureau goes through, and many DX stations don't even have a bureau close by. The most reliable way to get your QSL is direct postage. But direct postage takes some money to send, and in most cases you would also need to provide finances for the HAM operator to send his QSL back to you. If you live in an European country with reliable postal service, you can look at minimum of 3 US dollars for each QSL to be delivered and replied to.

Even you go to all that trouble and send your QSL and money to the operator's address that you found on qrz.com there is no guarantee that you get a desirable reply. You won't believe how many things can go wrong. Only a few of the major ones are:


Many SWL's find it interesting to send reception reports and to receive QSL's from radio amateurs. But it is far from easy to have success. I think many SWL's should consider some basic facts to improve the quality of their reports. It all depends on the time and effort you are ready to spend on your hobby, but of course success gives more satisfaction!

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