This is not a DXCC prefix, Transnistria is only recognized as a country by Russia. It is the eastern part of Moldova, which broke away from the rest of that country due to having a Russian population, different language and culture than Moldova proper.
Transnistria, due to Russian support, also has got a strong broadcasting station, also with English programs.
It is unlikely that this operation will be recognized for DXCC. I can agree that in this case the factors for approval are almost non-existent. On the other hand I find the DXCC acting very strangely when refusing to recognize Kosovo. This is a separate country recognized by more than 90 states. But it is a ham radio vacuum in the middle of Europe. Partly it is the Kosovo government's fault by not claiming with force their recognition.
It is surrealistic that Kosovo is not recognized while Scarborough Reef is. Some tiny cliffs emerging from the sea, just enough to build a platform on for ham radio operation.... Isn't it ridiculous?
Ullmar, SM5-1252

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