This year the SWARL 365 day CONTEST is already under way. Although the contest has already started it lasts all the year so all SWLs and OM who wanted to take pert are welcome.

Here following are the rules:
senza titolo-1 copiaThe aim of this contest is to listen to ( SWLs ) or contact ( OM ) as many DXCC entities as possibile on all HF amateur bands. You don’t need to have the confirmations of the contacts.

PARTECIPANTS: All SWLs with or without callsign are allowed to partecipate and all the OM.

DURATION: The contest started on 1st January 2009 at 00.00 UTC and ends on 31st December 2009 at 23.59 UTC.

CATEGORIES: 1- SWL single operator mixed modes ( SSB, CW, DIGITAL MODES )

2- OM single operator mixed modes ( SSB, CW, DIGITAL MODES )

BANDS: For this contest you can use all allowed HF amateur bands: 160M – 80M – 40M – 30M – 20M – 17M – 15M – 12M – 10M.

POINTS: Each DXCC country heard can have different points with regards to the bands used.

- 160m each DXCC count as 8 points

- 80m each DXCC count as 6 points

- 40m each DXCC count as 3 points

- 30m each DXCC count as 4 points

- 20m each DXCC count as 2 points

- 17m each DXCC count as 5 points

- 15m each DXCC count as 7 points

- 12m each DXCC count as 9 points

- 10m each DXCC count as 10 points

MULTIPLIERS: No multipliers.

FINAL SCORE: The points of the DXCC heard....for example: I contact/heard ITALY on 10m-15m-20m-160m so my score will be 10+7+2+8= 27 points and so on with the other DXCC entities.

LOGS: The logs should be written in alphabetical order according to the usual country prefix.

Don’t forget to put your SWL or OM callsign, name, surname, address and your e-mail address. e.g.


NAME: Thomas

SURNAME: Gasparetto

ADDRESS: .......

EMAIL: .............

REMARKS: ......

STATION: ........


ITALY IZ3NVR 20m SSB 1 Jan 08 1200 59 IZ3ALW

JAPAN .........


FINAL SCORE: ... points.

...same for the OM section

The log must be submitted via e-mail to the contest managers:

OM logs: to Stefano IZ3NVR / IE3-802SWL at

SWL logs to: Thomas IL3-123SWL at

As I said this contest is based on HEARD DXCC and not on confirmed so you don’t have to send the QSLs.

SUBMISSIONS OF LOG: The logs must be submitted three times a year following this calendar:

- 1st PERIOD: March 31st

- 2nd PERIOD: June 30th

- 3rd PERIOD: September 30th

- Last log submission after the end of the contest.

After the closing date of each period you can submit your log to the manager by the end of the following month.

AWARDS: A partecipating awards will be sent via e-mail to all who will send their log. Will be send a “special” award via e-mail to the winner of each category.

PENALITIES: Some penalities are applicable for any incomplete or inaccurate heards. Those heards count as zero points.

All the decisions of the Contest Commitee must be accepted and you must operate in accordance to the rules of the contest.

The contest manager: Stefano IZ3NVR / IE3-802SWL

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