A.I.R.S. Sezione Valli di Lanzo - A.I.R.S. Associazione Italiana Radioamatori Sperimentatori - L'A.I.R.S. è l’Associazione che organizza e tutela l’attività di Sperimentazione dei Radioamatori, Radio Ascoltatori e Amatori della Radio operanti nell’ ambito delle Radiocomunicazioni.
Hunters Radio Team - OM, SWL, BCL - The Hunters Radio Team wants to contrast the loss and the degradation of the radio world and the real Ham Spirit, and to help the rebirth and the spread of it.
Excellent listings of many, many receivers.
SWL section of the VERON, with SWL information, particular about SWL contesting.
This guide has been put together to help you understand your shortwave radio and take your first steps into SWLing. The goal is to quickly get you on the air. By the time you read through this online primer, you will understand Universal Time, know the basic terminology of SWLing, be able to find a broadcast, and most importantly, know the best way to hear it.
The Ontario DX Association (ODXA) is a club for radio listeners.