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- The members of RZ1CWC team inc. Victor R1CBN, Andrew RN1CW and Vladimir UA1CIO will be active on the 6th of April 2014 from Koporje Fortress, WCA: UA-00008, COTA-RU: C-108, RDA: LO-30.

"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
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04/04/2014: Chris GM3WOJ (A35V) and Keith GM4YXI (A35X) plan activity from
Heilala Holiday Lodge, Tongatapu Island (OC-049, WW Loc. AG28HW), Kingdom of

Hi all,
On Monday 31 march I will be in ONFF -125, Kreken van Saleghem.
This will be an early morning activation from around 06.00z till 12.00z depending on conditions.
QRV on the usual bands: 40 and 20m but others as well when condx are good.
If you hear me please send me an SWL report, either through mail or via QSL card.
More info on QRZ.COM
73 de Peter, ON2WAB ( almost always /p), also ONL-5923 (SWL)

Weather permitting I will be out again on monday 3 march 2014.
This time I will activate ONFF-380, Ter Kerst Nature Reserve in the town of Hooglede.
Loc: JO10NX and postcode 8830.
QRV from 13.00z till sunset. Usual bands: 20 and 40m.
This is an all time new one and I hope for lots of SWL reports !
Peter Destoop
Oeselgemstraat 73
Belgium – Europe

Just to remember that in the next weekend there will be the WPX RTTY Contest from 0000z Saturday 8/Feb to 2359z Sunday 9/Feb.
It is the most important RTTY Contest of the year with SWL category, see the rules at

2014 International CES
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Etón Corporation (, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products, announces four additions to the Etón radio line at CES 2014. New models include the Etón Field, Etón Mini, the Etón Traveler III and the Etón Satellit, all of which celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Satellit radio. All feature AM, FM and Shortwave radio and multiple power options, making them the perfect option to use at home and for travelers looking to stay tuned in while on the go. Each of the radios will make their debut at Etón’s booth, #31247, in South Hall 3.

 Dear friends, As you may know our automated system of printing certificates is in beta state and recently I found one bug in it - when someone applied sorting on the list of callsigns the certificate image is not printing right.

Martti, OH2BH sends me Season's greetings and the following message:
From the Offices of Santa Claus, Lapland, Finland

OF9X from the real Santa QTH in northern Finland just heard booming in on 14031 kHz
Here's the QRZ. com info:
Do you remember the Ho-Ho Santa Claus who penetrated the bands and talked to children all over the world from Santa’s homeland - Finnish Lapland?

Hi friends, it's wonderful day here in Sweden, and I made one change in the database of our call signs If you go to that URL you can see all our issued by SWARL calls and you can PRINT any certificate from there.