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FT5GA QSL cards via F5OGL status :


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CQWW DX Contest, CW (November 28-29, 2009)
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D68F cancelled. No more information to be published before Sam's return.

On next Saturday, Nov 21st , I'll be F5JNE/p from the Castke of Vault de Lugny, DFCF 89 310, in the city of Vault de Lugny zip code 89200 and Canton Avallon ddcf 8905.

From 0700 utc , 80/40m, CW/SSB. QSL bureau et SWL cards welcome

73, Francois.

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CHESTERFIELD: If you worked TX3A on RTTY on 14 Nov between 0400 through 0700 or so, it was a pirate. I have confirmed via the pilot station that they were not on the air. They sure fooled me, because the beam heading and frequency were correct he acted exactly like TX3A, even telling some they were dupes. I bet he worked a hundred or more, mostly JA with some scattered NA and Europe. At least we know ahead of time so we can work the real one. Go get tim

Tom N4TJ

425dxlogHello Friends:
The latest issue (May 2009) of the 425 ARI DX Magazine is now available for free download in .pdf format at www.425dxn.org monthly - the official web site of 425 Dx News.

This is an absolutely fabulous publication, 15 pages packed with the latest DX news, Good to know-items,  QSL routes and addresses. The colour pictures in this bulletin for serious DXers add to its attraction. It is highly recommended.
73 from
Ullmar, SM5-1252