By Roland Richter
News Assignment Editor
at KXXV Top Contributor

A rare chance to log Iran on something other than the broadcast bands begins today with a DX-pedition by some folks from Belgium to Kish Island ( IOTA AS-166).Planned SSB freq's are 3763, 7083,14183,18143, 21283,24953 and 28493, of course plus or minus for QRM. For those who can copy cw, look on or around 1823.5, 3503,7013,10123,14033,18083,21013,24903 and 28033.
For the digitally equipped, rtty on or about 7042,10136,14082,18102, 21082, 24922 or28082...they will be QSX ( listening) up from those frequencies. Callsign will be EP6T. Goo luck! I will have multiple receivers on the bands looking....