The result of the 5th Short Listening Period Contest 2016 is available now. This time the winner is Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, with a score of 5980. Second placed is Johan Heus, NL9723, scoring 5632, and Kees Schout, NL294, became third with a score of 3200. The complete result table and the provisional ranking of the SLP Competition can be read on:, the SWL pages of the VERON. The result table also attached to this message.
In the mean time SLP6 already took place and SLP7 will be held in the weekend of 10 and 11 September 2016, the WAEDX Contest weekend.
Have fun with the radio hobby, especially with the radio sports!
73, Ruud, NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON.