The winner of this year's last SLP Contest is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 28951. Second placed is Kees Schout, NL294, scoring 10220, and third became Dusan Hanak, OK2-9329, with 9300 points.
NL6904 is also the winner of the SLP Competition with a total score over 6 contests of 92139. Second SWL in this competition is Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, and the third place is for Johan Heus, NL9723.

The complete result tables are available on There you may also find the rules of the "Short Listening Period" contests and the the dates of the 8 SLP contests troughout 2017.
The result tables are also attached to this message.

I wish all of you a Merry XMas and all the best for 2017 with hopefully splendid propagation conditions on the amateur bands!

73, Ruud Ivens, NL290.