The winner of this year's third S(hort) L(istening) P(eriod) Contest is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 26780 points. Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, became second, scoring 20844, and Johan Heus, NL9723 is placed third with 9477 points.

The winner of this year's second SLP contest is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, scoring 9648. Another dutch SWL, Johan Heus, NL9723, became second with 9525 points and third placed was Marc Stinkens, ONL4838, with a score of 3900.
The complete result table is available on the web: There you also can find the rules of the VERON SWL contests.
Good luck in contesting!

This year's first Short Listening Period Contest, organised by the SWL section of the VERON, is won by Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, scoring 10125. Second placed is Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with 7747 and third became Alex Gorbunov, US-Q-73, with a score of 5612.
The complete result table is available on:

The winner of this year's New Year Contest is the Belgian SWL Anton Mandos, ONL908. Second place for Marc Stinkens, ONL4638 and the Dutch SWL Johan Heus, NL9723, became third in this small contest.
The complete result table is available on:

Ruud, NL290

Again in 2016 the SWL section of the VERON organizes 8 Short Listening Period Contests.
Most of these contests are in the weekends of major ham phone contests.
The contest weekends in 2016 are:
1. 30/31 January
2. 5/6 March
3. 26/27 March
4. 14/15 May
5. 25/26 June
6. 9/10 July
7. 10/11 September
8. 29/30 October

Hello dear SWL,

First of all: Happy New Year and best wishes to you and yours for 2016!

This message is to announce the VERON New Year SWL Contest 2016 on Sunday 3 January 2016.
The rules are attached to this message and are also available on: .

Ruud Ivens, NL290
SWL Contest Manager VERON.

The winner of this year's last SLP Contest, held in the weekend of 24 and 25 October, is Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, scoring 47978. Second placed is Henk Mulder, PA1555, with 31047 points and third became Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, scoring 30551.

This is to remind you of the 28MHz SWL Contest, held on 12 and 13 December 2015, the same weekend of the ARRL 10M Contest.
The rules are available on the web site of the VERON SWL section: .
We all hope for good propagation conditions on 10M that particular weekend. Enjoy it!
73, Ruud, NL290, SWL Contestmanager VERON.

The winner of this year's 7th Short Listening Period Contest is Henk Mulder, PA1555, with a score of 11790. Second placed is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, scoring 6566 and third became Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, with 4505 points.
The complete result table and the provisional ranking in the SLP Competition 2015 is available on:

This year's 6th Short Listening Period (SLP) Contest has been won by Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with the very high score of 46512. Second placed was Henk Mulder, PA1555, scoring 19998, and Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, became third with 15400 points. These scores indicate the very good contesting conditions during the IARU contest weekend, 11 and 12 July.