This year's 5th Short Listening Period (SLP) Contest has been won by Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with a score of 7772. Second placed was Henk Mulder, PA1555, scoring 7540, and Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, became third with 6608 points.
The complete result table is available on There you will also find the contest rules and the rankings in the SLP Competition.

The results of last year's 28MHz SWL Contest, held on 13 and 14 December 2014, are available now.
The winner in the CW section is the Dutch SWL Henk Mulder, PA1555, with a score of 127970.
The winner in the Phone section is Jorge Rodriguez, CX021-swl, from Uruguay with a score of 118938.
The complete result tables are available on .

The winner of this year's 4th SLP Contest is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 8211 points. Second became Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with 8127 points and Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, became third, scoring 4959. The complete result table and the provisional ranking in the SLP Competition is available on:

– On the 20th and 21st of June 2015 will take place the World Castles Weekend
(WCW – 2015)

Here is info:


Здравствуйте дорогие друзья!

- 20 и 21 июня 2015 года состоятся 6 дни активности замков и крепостей (WCW-2015)

This year's third Short Listening Period Contest (SLP) is won by Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with a score of 47850. Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, became second with a score of 34320 and third placed was Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, scoring 27720 points.
There were 16 SWL's joining this contest, a long time record!

The winner of the second Short Listening Period contest of this year is the Dutch SWL Henk Mulder, PA1555, with a score of 16185. Second placed is Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, scoring 11607, shortly followed by Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 11537.
The complete result table and all other SWL contest information is avalable on:

The winner of this year's first "Short Listening Period" contest is RU4SS, Konstantin Vakhonin, with a score of 22154. Second became OM3-0001, Jozef Marcincak, and third placed is 9A4KJ, Davor Kordic. There were 14 SWL's joining this contest. The complete result list and the contest rules are available on: There are 8 SLP contests spread over the year.

This year the winner of the New Year contest is Anton Mandos, ONL908, with a score of 288 points. Second placed is Konstantin Vakhonin, RU4SS, with 213 points and Marc Stinkens, ONL195 became third with 179 points.
The complete score table is available on Also as an attachment to this message.
73, Ruud NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON.

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73! de RN1CW

Again there will be 8 SLP Contests this year. SLP means: Short Listening Period. The first SLP contest is on 31 January and 1 February, the weekend of the UBA DX SSB Contest.

The complete time table for the SLP contests in 2015:
1. 31 January / 1 February
2. 7 / 8 March
3. 28/29 March
4. 9 /10 May
5. 27/28 June
6. 11/12 July

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