Again there will be 8 SLP Contests this year. SLP means: Short Listening Period. The first SLP contest is on 31 January and 1 February, the weekend of the UBA DX SSB Contest.

The complete time table for the SLP contests in 2015:
1. 31 January / 1 February
2. 7 / 8 March
3. 28/29 March
4. 9 /10 May
5. 27/28 June
6. 11/12 July

Next weekend there will be the UBA SSB Contest. (the only contest that weekend)
In this contest there is still and will (if I keep deciding about) a SWL category.

Rules can be found here
SWLdqr will produce the file I need.


SWL's all over the world are invited to take part in the 28MHz SWL Contest from 13 December 2014, 00:00UTC, until 14 December 2014, 23:59UTC. There are two sections: CW and Phone. This SWL contest runs together with the ARRL 10M Contest, so a great activity is expected on 10M during that particular weekend. The contest rules are available on: .

The winner of this year's last Short Listening Period contest (SLP) is Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001. His score: 36640.
Second placed Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, and Henk Mulder, PA1555, became third.

Ernst Krenkel Memorial

The winner of this year's 7th VERON Short Listening Period (SLP) contest, held on 13 and 14 September, is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 8142. The second place was for Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, and third became Davor Kordic, 9A4KJ.
The complete result table is available on
This year's last SLP contest is next weekend, 25 and 26 October.

The winner of this year's 6th "Short Listening Period" Contest is Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, with a score of 23115. Second placed was Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, with 5858 points and third became Helmut Grund, DE2HUG, scoring 5684 points.
SWL R3A-847, Vladimir Ignatov, didn't attend to this contest, but is still leading in the SLP Competition 2014.

The result table of this year's Short Listening Period Contest is available now. This time the winner is Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, with a score of 8295. Second placed is Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, with 4655 points and Davor Kordic, 9A4KJ, became third and his score was 3560.

Dear friends,
We have seen over the past few months the disappearance of 4 PSK contests.
Therefore the HF Committee of the UBA decided the replace one of these.
I would like to thank several radioamateurs worldwide for their help to get this started.