This year's last SLP Contest is won by Jan Mandos, NL997, with a score
of 158004. Second placed is Vladimir Ignatov, R3A-847, with a score of
142352 points. Third became Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, with 53640
The overall winner of the SLP Competiton 2012 is Vladimir, R3A-847.
This year we had 15 SWL's in the competition, one more than last year.

This year's 7th Short Listening Period Contest is won again by Vladimir
Ignatov, R3A-847, with a score of 52455. The second place was for Jan
Mandos, NL997, with 37788 points and Jan Meulenberg, NL6828, became third
with 13578 points.
The complete result list and the SLP Competition ranking is available on: .

This year's 6th Short Listening Contest is won by Vladimir, R3A-847, with the very high score of 73500! Second placed was Jan, NL997, and Bill, W1-7897, became third. Due to this result R3A-847 returns as the leader in the competition.


Tuesday, 14.08.2012

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This year's 5th SLP Contest is won by Jan Mandos, NL997, with a score of 36300. He was the only "big gun" this time.
The other big guns, Jozef, OM3-0001, Vladimir, R3A-847 and Bill, W1-7897, did not attend to part five of the SLP series.
Due to this it was easy for NL997 to take the lead in the SLP Competition.

The result of the 28MHz SWL Contest is available now. There were 8 logs in the CW section and 9 log in the phone section. During the contest the propagation conditions were very favourable for DX, so there was overall a high scoring.
The winner in the CW section is Josef Motycka, OK1-11861,and in the phone section Bill Smith, W1-7897.
Congratulations to both SWL's!

The 4th Short Listening period (SLP) contest is won by the Dutch SWL Jan Mandos, NL997.
Second placed Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, and the third place was for Bill Smith, W1-7897.
The complete result table is available on:
73, Ruud / NL290.

This year's third Short Listening Period Contest in the weekend of 24 and 25 March has a well known winner: Vladimir Ignatov, R3A-847. Second placed is the Dutch SWL Jan Mandos, NL997, and Jozef Marcincak, OM3-0001, became third. The complete result list is available on: .
73, Ruud, NL290.

This year's second SLP Contest has been won by Bill Smith, W1-7897, with an impressive score of 50666.
Second place was for Vladimir Ignatov, R3A-847, and third placed was Jan Mandos, NL997.

This year's first SLP contest on 28 and 29 January has been won by Jozef, OM3-0001. This time the winner was not Vladimir, R3A-847, who became second. The third place was for Jan, NL6828.