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The 4th Short Listening Period Contest (SLP) of this year is won by Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 5610. Second became Marc Stinkens, ONL4638, scoring 4840, and third placed is Alex Gorbunov, US-Q-73, with 3910 points. After four contests NL6904 is still leader in the SLP Competition 2017.

The winner of this year's third SLP Contest, held in the weekend of 25 and 26 March, is Sjuk Veenstra, NL6904, with a score of 14784. Also the next two places are for Dutch SWL's. Second place for Kees Schout, NL294, and third became Johan Heus, NL9723.

Runner up is the 12 year old Czech SWL, Vit Sirucka, OK2-36449. He ended fourth scoring 5777 points.

The results of the 28MHz SWL Contest, held in the weekend of 10 and 11 December 2016, are available now. Due to the very poor propagation on the 10M band, there was very low activity from the SWL's.

In the CW category we found only one SWL active: Johan Heus, NL9723, and of course he is the winner of that category.

In the category Phone we found in total just 4 SWL's. The winner in the Phone category is Kees Schout, NL294. Also the places two and three are for Dutch SWL's. The fourth place was for the Spanish SWL Antonio Martinez Mendoza, EA3248URE.