7 January 2017 A.R.I. DX Bulletin
No 1340

*** 4 2 5 D X N E W S ***
Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH
Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

5R - Look for 5R8GC (QSL via DJ6SI), 5R8UJ (QSL via DF9TM) and 5R8UR
(QSL via DL2SWW) to be active from Nosy Be (AF-057), Madagascar
until 12 January.
DL - Special callsigns DR500MLE, DR1517LU, DR5LUTHER, DC500LS, DM5LUTHER
and DL500ML will be active throughout 2017 to commemorate the 500th
anniversary of

Hello All!

– Victor R1CBN, Konstantin RA1L, Andrew RN1CW, Serge RQ1AP, Vlad UA1CIO and Serge
UA1COA will be active on the 6th of January 2016 from Koporje Fortress, WCA:
UA-00008, COTA-RU: C-108, RDA: LO-30. He plans to work on all bands CW/SSB/PSK as
RZ1CWC/P and Home Calls/P.

For 3 contact with members of pedition issued special award “Koporje Castle“.

QSL info on QRZ.COM. 73 & 11!


73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW

WCA Co-ordinator


RZ1CWC team

Adelaide South Australia
Grid Locator PF95
35 South 138 East
SWL Call VK5001SWL

December 22nd 2016

Sunrise 1938z Sunset 0955z

F 75 A 23 K 4 0z K 5 03z K 4 06z K 4
09z K 4 21z

Moderate G2 Storm SN 15 A6.7 Solar Wind 683km/s at 0619z

Auroral Model Southern hemisphere 34.86GW at 1405z

28.265 VK4RC/b 2329 weak Es.
28.270 VK4RTL/b 2329 weak Es , 0234 btw weak to fair , 0548 549 Es.

50.282 VK4RTL/b 2349 btw weak to fair Es , 0014 569 , 0132 549 , 0238 still there , 0520 539 , 0622

Dear SWL,

First of all: best wishes for the new year 2017.

You are invited to the SWL New Year Contest on Sunday 8 January 2017. This contest is sponsored by the Dutch Radio Amateur Association, the VERON.
The rules of the contest are quite plain and therefor the contest is especially suited for the beginning contester, but also the more experienced contesters are invited to attend the contest.
The rules are available on: .

73, Ruud Ivens, NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON.