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Dear friends, our call sign database was noted as spam database by Google services and all our call signs and certificates are not currently available for view. I'm working on solutions right now but for longer time solution I would need to convert our database and certificates system into PHP/MySQL based system or some other. I'm open for suggestions at bodybuilders@gmail.com email

Dear Applicants for the SWL call certificate. For the reason of unification of our database, from now on, I will not accept for processing applications filled up with local language letters in them. Please fill up applications using English transliteration. Applications filled up with local languages will be rejected automatically. 

Adelaide South Australia
Locator PF95
35 South 138 East
SP Shortpath
LP Longpath
SES Special Event Station
LH last Heard
SWL Call VK5001SWL

May 20th 2018

FT8 Loggings now in Brackets ( )

Sunrise 2143z Sunset 0747z

F 70 A 3 K 2 No Storm SN 0 A0.0
Solar Wind 385km/s at 0139z