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Due to the numerous attacks on our website I had to temporary close contact form.

You can still contact SWARL via our main group at or (available only via email) or Facebook group 

The third Short Listening Period contest of 2024 was held in the weekend of 30 and 31 March. The SWL Bill Smith W1-7897 was the winner with a score of 35568. Second placed was Francois Conraux F-80248 scoring 11880 and third became Helmut Grund from Germany with 10560 points. The complete result table is available on the website of the VERON SWL section:

The second Short Listening Period contest of 2024 was held in the weekend of 2 and 3 March. SWL Bill W1-7897 from the USA was the winner with a score of 44394. Second placed was the French SWL Francois Conraux F-80248 scoring 6018 and third became Victor Reijs NL413 from The Netherlands with 3132 points.

The VERON 28MHz SWL Contest was held in the weekend of 9 and 10 December 2023

The winner in the CW section is SWL Victor Reijs NL413 from the Netherlands and in the Phone section Bill Smith  W1-7897 from Massachusetts USA.

The complete result tables are available on:

73, Ruud Ivens NL290,

     SWL Contestmanager VERON.

The winner of the first Short Listening Period (SLP) contest 2024 is Bill Smith W1-7897 with a score of 16720. Second placed is François Conraux scoring 6372 points and Victor Reijs NL413 became third with 5376 points.

The complete result list is available on: . There you also will find other information about the SWL contests sponsored by the Dutch Amateur Radio Association, VERON.

The winner of this year's New Year contest is Anton Mandos ONL908 with a score of 299. Second placed is Paolo Donati IN3089SWL scoring 106 points, before Francois Conraux F-80248 with a score of 96.

The complete result table is available on: . There you also will find the rules and results of the other SWL contests organized by the SWL section of the VERON.

The Dutch  PACC Contest is one of the few international contests which is also open to SWL's.

This contest runs from 10 February 2023 12:00 UTC until 11 February 2023 11:59 UTC.

The rules are available on:

Have fun!

73, Ruud NL290.

This series of 8 SLP contests is open to SWLs all over the world.

The first Short Listening Period Contest for SWLs of 2024 is in the weekend of 27 and 28 January. 

The SLP contest weekends in 2024 are:

1. 27-28 January

2. 2-3 March

3. 30-31 March

4. 4-5 May

5. 13-14 July

6. 14-15 September

7. 12-13 October

8. 26-27 October

These SWL contests are sponsored by the SWL section of the VERON.

In 2024 the New Year SWL Contest, organized by the VERON, is on Sunday 7 January 2024. This is an easy contest, so suited for beginners in SWL contesting. It is a phone contest on the 80m and 40m bands. All you have to do is to log QSO's of Amateur Radio stations and send your log to the adjucator: .

The simple rules are available on: .

Succes with SWL contesting!

Dear friends, our call sign database was noted as spam database by Google services and all our call signs and certificates are not currently available for view. I'm working on solutions right now but for longer time solution I would need to convert our database and certificates system into PHP/MySQL based system or some other. I'm open for suggestions at email