Result last SLP Contest 2018 (#8)

The winner of this year's last Short Listening Period Contest is the Russian SWL Gennadiy Drozdov UA3182SWL, scoring 14362. Second placed is Kees Schout NL294 from the Netherlands with a score of 12506 and the third place is for the German SWL Helmut Grund DE2HUG scoring 9975 points.

The winner of the 2018 SLP Competition (six best scores over eight contests) is Kees Schout NL294 with a final score of 58013 points.

The complete scoring tables are available on: . There you also will read the rules of all SWL contests sponsored by the Dutch Radioamateur Association "VERON".

73, Ruud Ivens NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON.