Result SLP3 Contest 2023

The third Short Listening Period contest of 2023 was held in the weekend of 25 and 26 March. The SWL Bill Smith W1-7897 was the winner with a score of 29125. Second placed was Francois Conraux F-80248 scoring 11760 and third became Helmut Grund from Germany with 10209 points. The complete result table is available on the website of the VERON SWL section:

There you also can find the rules of the SLP Contest series (8 times a year) and other contests organized by the SWL section of the Dutch radio amateur association VERON.

Next SLP Contest is on 6-7 May 2023.

Good luck in the contests.

73, Ruud Ivens NL290, SWL Contest Manager VERON